With the long days of fasting it is important to keep yourself rejuvenated in a healthy manner. Adding a healthy twist to your Iftari’s and Sehri is Tropical Sun Coconut Water. Speaking about the product Jag Singh, marketing manager at Tropical Sun Foods said: This Ramadan we are focusing on our Tropical Sun Coconut Water range to reinforce the idea of a healthy month of fasting. Tropical Sun coconut water is 100% pure and does a great job of replenishing and rejuvenating the essential nutrients in a natural way, whether you are setting out to observe the fast or breaking it. In a sense, our Tropical Sun Coconut Water is the perfect Iftari and Sehri partner.”

Here and Now 365 created a bespoke Ramadan ad for Tropical Sun Coconut Water under the expertise of our creative director Abhishek Tyagi.