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Here and Now 365 was founded by Manish Tiwari over a decade ago. It provides strategically led campaigns for businesses targeting Britain’s culturally diverse market. Why is that important? Ethnic and Multi Cultural marketing does not just enable brands to reach their target audience; it also makes the brand stand out in a way that is relevant to our times and society.

We have a highly skilled creative team and specialists in customer relationship management. We use deep-rooted insights to create and execute strategies that are perfectly suited to our clients’ business requirements. We do this through bespoke communication ideas. These are extendable using any form of media that helps us achieve the best result, be it digital, experiential, print or broadcast.

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Manish Tiwari

Managing Director

As an entrepreneur the commercial world is full of challenges but I love the fact that we integrate cultural sensitivities and respect for diverse communities while working for global and local brands. My father taught anthropology at a local university in an area where scholars like Verrier Elvin had worked and to me my effort, albeit in a small way, promotes the larger cause of understanding the inheritance of race, culture and commerce in today's times.


Brand communications and strategy is at the core of what we do. At Here and Now 365 we create, build and manage brands using ground-breaking creativity, in-depth analysis and bespoke communications strategy. Our process is best described as a system of overlapping spaces rather than a sequence of processed steps. Under this system, we use both analytical tools and qualitative techniques to help clients see how their new or existing business could look in the future. Then we proceed to build vector maps for getting there.

What truly sets Here and Now 365 apart is our deep-rooted insights into diversity. Apart from creating brand awareness, our end goal is to establish and cultivate long-standing relationships with our clients by evolving with the brief to help them identify a problem, gap or opportunity for their brand.


We are the largest specialist outdoor agency in UK. Using a combination of our experience, research techniques and analysis we determine ideal media options for our clients and provide them at the best possible rates, whether it is for ethnic TV channels, radio, press or outdoor.


Creativity is the essence of our business and we believe that culture, language, customs and religion are creative expressions of the human soul. Our highly skilled creative team weaves cultural insights into all ideas while ensuring they are tailored to your business needs.


Insights on multicultural communities are not readily available and hence bespoke research is necessary to help make effective business decisions. Our research team, with their years of experience, are able to draw insights from different communities using the right analytical tools to help your business grow.


In a space that is constantly changing, we create relevant, up to date and engaging digital content which results in increased exposure, thereby helping you reach an audience you might have otherwise not considered.


We create and develop brand strategies tailored for the ethnic market while ensuring they are in line with your business guidelines. This is because we believe that brands who adapt their business to include the ethnic market have a competitive edge over the others.


Through bespoke communication and interactivity, we create marketing strategies that directly engage with your consumers whether that is by providing services such as planning and executing a Bollywood flash mob or creating an art installation at a high profile event.


The ethos of our production team is to create culturally evocative content that resonates through television, radio, newspaper and other media outlets. Our aim is not to create larger than life productions but to create effective work that is suited to your business needs.


We organise events and create relationships with relevant thought leaders to help promote brand awareness and garner support for your business. We have access to community events such as Asian Melas, Barrio Fiestas, Polish Church events, carnivals and other community specific exhibitions.


To us PR is not just about building your brand’s image and maintaining goodwill between you and the public, we also believe in creating mutually beneficial business partnerships, affiliations and help you build a relationship with your stakeholders.


“The efforts of our communications agency Here and Now 365 have manifested really well in the endeavour called Wattan Ki Khushboo – Masalon ka Safar. The team have been instrumental in conceptualising, researching, planning and implementing this project from start to end.”

Susana Ng – Rajah CASE STUDY

“Here and Now 365 helped us deliver a highly targeted, integrated Diwali campaign for the Indian community in Wembley to promote O2 World Chat. The combination of branding and experiential activities increased awareness and uptake of our new international calling app and allowed us gather valuable feedback from a very relevant and receptive audience. This will help us to develop the app further and shape our future marketing plans.”

Elizabeth Ponsford – Telefónica Digital CASE STUDY

“The Here and Now 365 team have worked closely with me this year and have helped deliver a number of successful campaigns for the Asda World Foods category. For example our Ramadan campaign saw sales grow by 28% year on year. They have a wealth of knowledge and are experts in helping us communicate with the many different ethnic groups…”

Helen Yates – Asda, World Foods CASE STUDY