Spread the Joy with Tolly Boy wins the Charity / Community Campaign of the Year 2018 at the British Asian Media Awards


The nationwide campaign, which saw Tolly Boy rice donate over £20,000 to African and Bangladeshi charities to empower the community, won the accolade at the inaugural award ceremony

Spread the Joy with Tolly Boy Spread the Joy with Tolly Boy

In 2018 Tolly Boy rice went beyond the dinner plate and ran a grassroots campaign to help the African and Bangladeshi communities in the UK, by supporting community groups who are working towards education, society support, counselling or protection within these communities.

‘Spread the Joy with Tolly Boy’ got people from within the African and Bangladeshi communities to vote for their preferred community projects throughout the UK. The 3-month campaign saw a total of 20,341 votes placed for the respective community groups with the winner Wapping Bangladeshi Association receiving £10,000 towards funding for their Healthy Eating project. The campaign was a resounding success and showed how a humble grain of rice can empower the communities to make a real difference to their own community members.

Recognising the effort and the success of the campaign, Spread the Joy with Tolly Boy won the British Asian Media Community / Charity Campaign of the Year Award 2018. Account Director, Westmill Foods Rakesh Oberoi collected the award from Martin Day MP and singer Juggy D.

On receiving the award, Mr Oberoi said: “The campaign demonstrates the perfect collaboration between the agency, Westmill and our largest wholesaler Wanis who are our route to market which gets us into the community. Our agency Here & Now 365 have picked up the brief and done a great job at executing it. We are proud to have a brand like Tolly Boy that can reach out to the community with a campaign like this. It’s the first time we have done a campaign like Spread the Joy with Tolly Boy and we are proud with the way it has worked out.”

Talking about the win, Steven Perry, Senior Brand Manager, Tolly Boy said: “We are really thrilled to have won this Award. I think it’s a testament to how positively our community focused campaign has been supported by all involved. It represents a real acknowledgement of the huge amount of work carried out by the team at Tolly Boy, our agency Here & Now 365 along with our wonderful Asian and African community groups. This award is for them all!”

To find out more about the success of Spread The Joy with Tolly Boy, see the campaign video;

Here and Now 365 has always prided itself for promoting multiculturalism and celebrating the ethnic diversity of the UK.

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