In a few moments all of us will be flooded with messages from near and far on our emails, social media and what’s app – wishing us happy tiding and a million inspirational quotes. But if you have to take away something while you are sobering up from the party tomorrow morning and dreading working the week after the holidays, here is a cue from our Managing Director Manish Tiwari.

“Action is the insignia of life. And the beauty of action lies in keeping the body ever active while the mind is at rest. Like an aeroplane flying at 500 miles per hour while the passengers inside rest blissfully. Everyone believes work is tiring. Work can never tire you. What tires you is your mind’s worries of the past and anxieties for the future. Let your intellect clip the worry and anxiety. Then even intense work becomes restful.” – A Parthasarathy, Business Guru and Philosopher

As we bring in 2019, our Managing Director Manish Tiwari takes a cue from A Parthsarathy and shares: “I truly believe that intense commitment to life is a way to work and rest. I wish all our partners and colleagues, this very intense state of work and rest in 2019. We as a commercial business aim to thrive for profit and growth, but we also wish the planet to be more inclusive, colourful and diverse and hopefully our work as always will contribute towards the understanding of this rich heritage.”