Calling all the fashionistas looking for the best in bridal couture, Frontier Raas has opened their first London store in the heart of Southall. With a heritage of 60 years, Frontier Raas promises exquisite ethnic outfits, which are perfect for special occasions.

Owned by Anil Kumar Batra, the store was first started by his father in the frontier of Pakistan, and then moved across borders to India. From unstitched suits to ready-to-wear bridal outfits to jewelry and accessories, they have something for everyone -starting from £30 and going all the way to £4,000.

Talking about their ethnic clientele, Tushar Batra, the director of the company said: “We have a big Asian market in London and it is not just about the Indians but Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans, as they all love wearing ethnic outfits for different occasions.”