Madhu’s wins the day at the India vs Pakistan match.

Madhu’s ad was the first and only ad to be played in the first break of the match.


India vs Pakistan is more than just cricket, in terms of the passion generated both on and off field and this is truly reflected through global TV viewership numbers! This ICC Champions Trophy, Madhu’s made the most of the opportunity by being one of the few South Asian brands to advertise during the match, in turn reaching out to the entire South Asian diaspora in the UK. Executed by Here and Now 365, Madhu’s was the first solus ad, during one of the biggest matches of the tournament!

Talking about the partnership Debarshi Pandit, head of multicultural at Sky said: “This year, we opened doors to advertisers who specifically wanted to target South Asian communities through cricket but couldn’t do so because of budgetary issues / non-Clearcast approved ads. Madhus is a unique client who through Here & Now 365, worked in advance with the team at Sky Media Multicultural and did indeed cherry-pick specific cricket matches skewed towards South Asian communities and to kick off the proceedings in style at the hugely anticipated India versus Pakistan clash on 4th June 2017, they were the first solus advertiser in the break!”