Thousands of people descended upon Southall for the Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtan and HNN365 joined the sevadars (volunteers) along with Brooke Bond Red Label Tea in giving out tea to all the passerbys.

Adding to the enthusiasm during the Vaisakhi procession, HNN365 served authentic Masala Chai infusing the flavours of India into the parade.

With almost 60,000 people attending the event, this was one of the biggest processions for the Sikh community in the UK. Account Director Preet Khanna said: “It was the spirit of worship, giving and selfless service – seva at the Southall Nagar Kirtan. Partnering the activity Brooke Bond Red Label launched its tea brand with it’s first consumer facing event. This was the first time Brooke Bond who has launched two tea brands – Taj Mahal and Red Label in the UK by serving the authentic flavour of India with home made Masala Chai. Being diversity experts we have been doing a lot of community initiatives and it was a great opportunity to be a part of this event.”