The giant menorah has lit up Trafalgar Square to mark Chanukah – the Jewish festival of lights. Chanukah, sometimes known as Hanukkah dates almost 2,500 years back, and is held from the 25th night of the Jewish month of Kislev. Each candle in the menorah symbolizes every night of the festival. For eight days millions of candles will be lit to commemorate the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem by Jewish rebels after their victory over the Syrians.

From London to Manchester, Birmingham to Liverpool – there are a series of menorah lighting events taking place across the UK, but one of the key highlights of the festival is the food served – from jam-filled doughnuts to chocolate coins, potato latkes to deep fried snacks. To commemorate the miracle of the tiny amount of oil transcending expectations to light the holy menorah, Jewish people eat a lot of food that’s been fried in oil.

Chag Sameach!