ASDA Celebrates Ramadan


Lights, camera, video, press and action!

Asda celebrated Ramadan this year with the theme of global flavours. With the Pillbox Kitchen being a hub for creatives, Radhika from Radikal Kitchen and Zaleha Olpin, 2018 MasterChef UK contestant shared a selection of their cultural food with influencers for one night only.

Bloggers, influencers and press were greeted with soft drinks and peanuts on arrival with décor of flowers on tables, mini lanterns and a large centerpiece lantern by the Asda celebrates Ramadan backdrop. With the chefs busy cooking and getting ready for the event, there were a diversity of people arriving.

Two spokeswomen from Asda introduced the evening by sharing their love for working with inspiring people. They were happy to enjoy the evening to celebrate Ramadan and taste the flavours of authentic cooking with ingredients all from Asda. Radhika and Zaleha were then passed the microphone and spoke a little of their background before presenting their first starter which was set-up in a beautiful display by the Here and Now 365 team.

With everyone enjoying the food, both Radhika and Zaleha again introduced their next course for everyone to take pictures and taste their wonderful traditional flavours. Familiar faces were noticed in the crowd including Parveen Ashraf from Parveen’s Indian Kitchen on ITV and Author, Shrabani Basu who wrote the Book Victoria and Abdul which was also made into a film.

B4U interviewed many people as well as other press who walked around the room with nibbles in their hand! After dessert, the final speech was made by Asda spokeswoman Claire, who wished everyone a wonderful Ramadan and hoped that they felt inspired after tasting all the delicious food. They were also offered Asda goody-bags with recipe cards, celebratory and nutritional dates along with a mini lantern!