Tolly Boy rice celebrated the work of 20 African and Bangladeshi community groups at the launch of their Spread the Joy with Tolly Boy campaign at Wanis Cash and Carry.

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Tolly Boy Rice has been serving the African and Bangladeshi communities since 1962 during meal times, and this year they decided to partner the community at a grass root level through a unique initiative – Spread the Joy with Tolly Boy.

Taking place at world food distributor Wanis International’s headquarters in East London, the campaign was unveiled in the midst of the local community, charities, media and the team at Tolly Boy.

Through the campaign Tolly Boy will be contributing £26,000 to local charities that sit at the heart of these communities and contribute to their welfare and well-being.

Launching the event was Westmill Foods Managing Director Nicolas Hanson, Tolly Boy’s senior brand manager Steven Perry and Westmill Foods marketing manager Arrate Gomez along with the director of Wanis Kapil Wadhwani.

Speaking about the event Steven Perry from Tolly Boy said: “We have always endeavoured to support our communities through various initiatives. This year, we want to further our contribution by helping raise the profile of these groups who do vital work in helping the African and Bangladeshi communities integrate and flourish in the UK.”

Sharing their initiatives and why the campaign was special to them were representatives from some of the participating charities such as the African Community School, St Hilda’s East Community Centre, Isle of Dogs Bangladeshi Association, ACLT, Nigerian Nurses Charitable Association UK and the Nigerian Community Waltham Forest.

Anowar Salehin from St Hilda’s East London said: “This opportunity gives us a chance to promote our work at our day care centre for the Bangladeshi elderly – most of whom are disabled and lonely. The centre gives them a chance to socialise and enjoy quality time. If we win the grant, we will be using it to develop a gardening project for them, as at home they are confined indoors and this would be therapeutic for them.”

Our MD Manish Tiwari said: “For over 70 years Tolly Boy has been at the heart of the community, and this campaign truly reflects the commitment of the brand towards them. This is the kind of marketing we endeavour to do more of, with business and profits being as important as philanthropy and care for the community. The positive word of mouth this campaign has generated is unprecedented and is the first of its kind.”

Representing the ACLT, Beverly De-Gale said: “This is a complete community engagement programme from Tolly Boy to the consumers and to the charities – who are the main winners, as we get support from all sides. Our message will go out to more people just by picking up one bag of rice! So, hats off to Tolly Boy for picking 20 charities and spreading the good work we are doing and help us get more funding to work with young people and influence them.”

About the campaign

The Spread the Joy with Tolly Boy campaign which begins on the 18th of June includes the Tolly Boy Basmati, Long Grain and Easy Cook rice variants. With each purchase, a number of votes will become available for the consumer to assign to their preferred cause. The charity with the highest number of votes will receive a funding of £10,000, the first runner up will get £5,000 and the second £2,500. Each of the remaining community groups will receive £500 for their efforts.

For more log on to www.spreadthejoywithtollyboy.co.uk