The India Business Group has been appointed as a partner for the first India-Commonwealth SME Trade Summit. Held on the 30th and 31st of May in New Delhi, this inaugural event will gather public and private sector leaders from more than 40 countries to promote trade and investment among the members of the Commonwealth.

Alongside increasing protectionism in the global trade arena, the Commonwealth has come in sharp focus for creating economic growth through greater trade and investment among the 52 countries that comprise this group of nations.

Offering a common language, similar legal and political institutions and cultural ties, the $2.3 trillion commercial market which the 52 Commonwealth nations represents is a golden opportunity for our post Brexit economy. However, the intra-Commonwealth trade amounts to only 17% of the total Commonwealth global trade.

Organised by The Commonwealth Secretariat in conjunction with the Indian Ministry of Commerce & Industry, the summit will provide extensive networking opportunities and will host key platforms to link stakeholders as follows:

  • High-level policymakers platform
  • Sectoral B2B meetings platform
  • Technology platform
  • Innovation platform

Dr Rashmi Banga, Head of Trade at The Commonwealth Secretariat said: “We are delighted that the India Business Group is working with us in a partner capacity for this first major Commonwealth summit.  Given the extensive advisory work of IBG in the UK – India corridor, they were an ideal choice of partner for this inaugural gathering of senior policy makers, education and business leaders in New Delhi.”

Amarjit Singh, CEO of India Business Group said: “IBG is delighted to be supporting this unique and influential summit spanning many types of industry across many countries which will help link up SME’s and boost levels of global trade and investment among the Commonwealth of nations.”

For any further information or media enquiries about the summit, please contact: Zoha Tapia on zoha@hereandnow365.co.uk or +44 (0) 20 7993 2541.