When Exterion Media revamped, renamed and relaunched the Bus Streetliner format to StreetReach with the #StreetReachChallenge giving advertisers and brands the opportunity to dominate high street across the country with, we at Here & Now 365 weren’t going to be left behind.

Up against the country’s leading mainstream agencies, our creative team put together a creative strategy for Rajah in the StreetReach format and emerged winners of the challenge along with winning a regional advertising campaign worth £20,000.

Talking about the competition, Media Director Suhrud Chimbalkar said: “As the number one ethnic outdoor media spenders – we have been working with Exterion on various formats on both busses and the underground – so when Exterion came up with this competition, which is on a format that is rarely used as it is on single decker busses, we decided to rise up to the challenge and make this otherwise not so prime format look visibly appealing along with showcasing our varied skills.”

Rising up to the challenge was HNN365’s creative team. Account Director Preet Khanna said: “For the ethnic sector we have been thriving for over 10 years to create culturally relevant and insightful creative strategies. Stereotyping and tokenism is something we stand against in our agency and our creative team is always looking to develop edgy and meaningful campaign for the sector by immersing themselves in the deeper nuances of the various communities and brands that we work. Our recent campaign for Rajah is yet another feather in our cap and I congratulate the brand team at Rajah whom we have surprised with our creative acumen, our partners at Exterion for acknowledging our steer on ethnic campaigns and helping us raise the bar. And most importantly each and every member of HNN365’s creative pool for breaking the mould of conventional and stereotypical ethnic advertising once again.”