B4U Network is thrilled to announce they will be airing a brand new fascinating series ‘Wealth Of India’.


The series unites National Treasure, Gracy Singh with Spiritual Guide, BK Tom as they unravel India’s Ancient Secrets of attracting success into your life.

BK Tom, born in London, has dedicated his life to studying Indian spiritual values and practices. He believes that anyone can achieve their dreams and reach their full potential simply by understanding how to attract and manifest their desires.

His co-host is India’s very own Gracy Singh. Gracy is a well-known Bollywood actress but is also well versed in the tradition of Indian spiritualism. She has been dedicated to the spiritual quest all her life. In the show, she shares with the audience her vast experience both as a globally acclaimed actress, spiritual guru and dancer. She claims her knowledge of spirituality along with remembering to love and support others has led to her successful career.

The first episode of the series, 8 Powers of Success is filmed in Mumbai and is presented with insightful and thought-provoking conversations centred around the secret powers of Ancient Indian culture and values.

 Here&Now365 played a role in the series initiation and the CEO of the company Manish Tiwari states: “We believed that this was a useful content for South Asians in the lockdown period which can benefit the viewers and offer them self-help”.

This series is available to watch on B4U Music every Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm UK standard time. (SKY 702 & Virgin 816)

To find out more visit Wealth of India’s YouTube channel

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