Quote of the Week: “Veganism and #Metoo are among the great cultural battles of the twenty somethings. But what about changing attitudes to the environment? This has been the week of the great snow and I have enjoyed every second of it. But behind the transformative beauty there is the lurking anxiety that it’s all part of messed-up weather caused by global climate change.” – Andrew Marr

Reflecting his views, our managing director Manish Tiwari added: “The enormous appeal among the youth of the 19th century were due to the ideas of social parity and movement against the iron holds of class and caste; many a generation of idealist youths across the globe waged social wars on these ideals. However, the revolution of today among the young is even more significant as it is deep rooted in ideas of parity and justice for all. As Andrew Marr has pointed out Young Britain or the millennial Britain is possibly leading something equally important as the suffragette movement.”